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Who We Are?

A billion dollar ISO processor and a subsidiary of, Reverse My Fees is an industry leader in the field of credit card processing services since 2004. In 2013 the statutes for our type of processing allowed the creation of our proprietary software system that allows your business using our system to eliminate your processing fees.

FCC regulated and registered to place processing for Visa & MasterCard we hold all the certifications needed to handle all your processing needs. Reverse My Fees has locations in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Minnesota, California, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan. We service clients all across the United States.

Get Paid Effortlessly!!

It does not make sense having to spend money to collect payment for the service or goods rendered by your business. So, now is the time to move away from traditional processing and get on board with the over 14 thousand businesses who are reversing their fees today. Join hands with Reverse My Fees to save on credit card fees and to process payments online virtually, in-store, point of sale, mobile or invoicing. This is the smart way to avoid high credit card fees.

What Made Zero Charge, Zero Fees Process Available?

According to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act (Durbin Amendment), business owners possess the right to pass through credit card surcharge fees up to 4% on credit card customers and sales (only through approved acquirier, like us). This legislation change has provided us with the opportunity to offer Zero Charge, Zero Fees.

Our clients are making extensive use of the Zero Charge, Zero Fees Process nationwide.

Our “Cash Discount” program is available now in all U.S. States!

Flawless Processing and Integration


Reverse My Fees has made “Zero Charge, Zero Fees” process a flawless and easy one. Let us have a look at how this becomes possible. If any customer of yours purchases your product or services worth $20, you can accept the payment through their credit card. For this, you can utilize the Reverse My Fees credit card terminal. At the time of sale, a convenience fee will automatically be added to the customer’s transaction to cover the processing fee. So what you will receive is $20 just like “cash”. And the best thing is, the amount will get transferred automatically into your business account within 24 hours. Thus, the convenience fee completely offsets your processing fees and is a perfect solution for the Zero Charge, Zero Fees Process.

Our Mission

Reverse My Fees is a one-stop-shop for credit card process savings. In order to make your business profit with thousands in savings, we not only offer exceptional solutions for eliminating processing fees, but also provide cutting edge equipment for terminals and POS systems. To stay true to our words, we have 24/7 customer support service accompanied by a satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, every client of ours can enjoy a 90 day NO RISK Trial!

Rick Suhm

CFO & Co-Founder

“After 14 years in the credit card processing industry, we have finally created a company that is not only saving businesses money, WE ARE SAVING BUSINESSES!”

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