Answer to Zero Charge, Zero Fees Process

Process onsite, online or on-the-go with ZERO credit card FEES. Reverse My Fees is the most experienced solution provider in this industry to benefit your business. We are aware of all the regulations and Visa MasterCard audit requirements to protect your business while implementing your “Zero Fee” program. Don’t get caught doing this on your own without an authorized acquirer. The fines and fees could cost you thousands! Get with RMF today to not only eliminate your fees, but eliminate the hassles of dealing with credit card providers permanently!

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Maintain “ALL” Revenues

With our Zero Fees Process it becomes much easier to maintain revenue. ALL of your earned money will keep getting added to your overall profit. It’s SIMPLE & TROUBLE FREE!!

Accept Cards as a Convenience for your Customers

With various PCI compliant payment options, you can get the best card solution for your business. Our experts will consult with you about your processing. Whether it be online, virtual terminal, traditional swipe or wireless; you can now accept payments through your preferred option.

Effortless Setup

Setup your account within 7 days!!
Once you are done selecting your preferred payment gateway along with a 5 minute application, our expert account rep will assist you in every single step.

Types of Companies that Can Benefit From Our Program?

Utility Companies

Across the nation, utility companies offer their customers a choice to pay via phone or online. With our Zero Fees Process; these organizations’ processing fees become a negligible event.

Gas Stations

Since gas stations have been using “Cash Discount Programs” for a long time now, our Zero Fees Solution makes their process even more convenient and promotes increase in business by getting more cash customers too .

Retail Stores

Reverse My Fees’ retail clients such as convenience stores, pharmacies, department stores, boutiques and others have been eliminating their credit card processing fees to add to their bottom line!

Bars & Nightclubs

Since credit card processing rates are too high for such establishments. our Zero Fees Process cuts their expenses by thousands of dollars.




Auto Repair & Services

Auto service providers such as Tow Companies, Auto Repair and Body Shops, etc. were avoiding credit cards as it was not profitable for their businesses. But now, with our system, they can accept credit cards without the high fees when taking them.

Professional Services

Previously, it was a headache for professionals and consultants to keep hounding their clients for recurring payments before or after services have been rendered. But now with our virtual terminal account management program, recurring payments are easy to schedule and don’t cost you a penny to set up!

Fitness & Physician Services

With our Zero Fee Process, practitioners find it easier to collect reimbursement without hurting revenue. Our system even allows for pre scheduled recurring payments for payment plans or repayment plans.

Rental & Real Estate Payment

With our credit solutions, collecting rental payments and deposits is now painless. Now with recurring payment options never miss a rent payment again!

What Made The “Zero Fee” Process Possible?


Approval of Law

According to the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act (Durbin Amendment), business owners possess the right to pass credit card surcharge/convenience fees up to 4% to credit card customers on all sales (only through approved acquirier). This national legislative statute change has provided us with the opportunity to offer Zero Charge, Zero Fees.


Reverse My Fees Process

Taking advantage of fresh laws in this field, we are in a position to reverse and incorporate the processing charge to the credit card holders. With the help of modernized options, we can automatically collect fees through your preferred processing terminal, at the time of sale from the customer.


Immediate Boost in Profit

For merchants processing credit cards, paying fees decreases the bottom line. And NO merchant enjoys having their bank account robbed for fees every month. Our Zero Charge, Zero Fee solution eliminates this all together and immediately adds to your bottom line!

About Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

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Our staff is waiting for your call, and not just during typical business hours. We are here for you around the clock to insure you have the support to guard your income and keep your business running smoothly!

“Long after the thrill of a “Good Deal” has passed, they will only remember you for the continued service you deliver” – R. Suhm

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